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Year 2022
Model DK5310SE HST Cab

Product Features


    Main Features
    • Engine Gross Power: 50.3 hp (37.5 kW)
    • PTO Type: Independent
    • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
    • Shuttle: None
    • Diesel engine with Daedong ECO Technology
    • Climate-Controlled Cab
    • Powerful HST Transmission
    • Single Lever Joystick
    • Diesel engine with Daedong ECO Technology: The 50.3 hp (37.5 kW) Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) improves fuel efficiency while reducing noise levels. With this eco-friendly Tier 4 engine, the DK10SE Series offers the operator a quiet work environment with powerful performance.
    • Power Steering: The standard power steering minimizes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns.
    • Deluxe Suspension Seat: The ergonomically designed, adjustable suspension seat allows the operator to ride in comfort.
    • Dual HST Pedal: DK10SE models utilize a two pedal system for forward and reverse with smooth engagement, acceleration and deceleration. Dual pedals provide easier use which reduces operator fatigue during long hours of work and when doing repetitive tasks.
    • Simple Maintenance: KIOTI tractors are designed for easy maintenance. Liftable hoods allow convenient access for daily service checks. Maintaining your tractor for long life and high performance has never been easier.
    • Center Marker: The hood design provides the operator with excellent visibility while the center ridge marker assists with maintaining straight lines during operation.
    • High Ground Clearance: The minimum ground clearance of 14.5 in. makes usage on rocky or uneven terrain simpler.
    • Illuminated Dashboard: The illuminated dashboard ensures great visibility while working in all lighting conditions.
    • External 3-Point Control Lever: The rear external 3-point control lever allows you to easily raise and lower the lift arms when attaching implements.
    • Tool Box: Conveniently located behind the seat, this tool box provides storage the operator needs.
    • Remote Hydraulic Valves: A standard single remote valve (2nd optional) accommodates a wide variety of attachments and implements.
    • Single Lever Joystick: An ergonomically designed joystick lever for front end loader operation is standard on DK10SE cab model tractors.
    • Power Socket with USB & AUX Port: Cab models come standard with a power socket, USB connection and auxiliary port to meet a variety of electrical and audio needs.
    • Air Conditioning System: DK10SE cab models come standard with a cooling and heating system ensuring comfortable working conditions all year round.
    • Engine Model: 3H-TH4C
    • Engine Gross Power: 50.3 hp (37.5 kW)
    • Rated Speed: 2,600 rpm
    • No. of Cylinders: 3
    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Displacement: 111.4 cu. in. (1,826 cc)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.7 gal. (48 L)
    • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic
    • No. of Travel Speeds - Forward / Reverse: 3 Range
    • Min. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed: 0 mph (0 km/h)
    • Max. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed: 18.5 mph (29.7 km/h)
    Power Take-Off (PTO)
    • PTO Type Transmission: Independent
    • PTO Power: 39.3 hp (29.3 kW)
    • Rear PTO Speed: 540 rpm
    • Mid PTO Speed: 2,000 rpm (Optional)
    Brakes and Clutch
    • Brakes: Wet Disc Type
    • Clutch: None
    • Total Pump Flow: 16.49 gpm (62.4 L/min)
    Dimensions w/ AG Tire
    • Length w/ 3-point hitch: 125.5 in. (3,189 mm)
    • Width: 62.8 in. (1,596 mm)
    • Height from Top of Cab: 93 in. (2,363 mm)
    • Wheelbase: 71.3 in. (1,810 mm)
    • Ground Clearance: 14.5 in. (368 mm)
    • Front Tread Ag Tires - Min: 49.2 in. (1,252 mm)
    • Rear Tread Ag Tires - Min: 49.2 in. (1,251 mm)
    • Min. Turning Radius w/ Brake: 8.63 ft. (2.6 m)
    • Weight w/ Ag Tires w/ Cab: 4,043.3 lb. (1,834 kg)
    Standard Equipment
    • Headlights
    • Signal Lamp
    • Parking Brake
    • Hydrostatic Power Steering
    • Wet Disc Brakes
    • 4WD
    • Rear PTO
    • Illuminated Dashboard
    • Rear External 3-Pt Control Lever
    • Cup Holder
    • Tilt Steering
    • 2 port Remote Hydraulic Valve
    • Horn
    • Deck Mat
    • Toolbox
    • 7 Pin Socket
    • PTO Cover
    • Joystick Valve
    • Front Working Light
    • Heat and A/C
    • Rear Window Defrost
    • Sunvisor
    • Power Socket with USB & AUX Port
    Optional Equipment
    • Mid PTO
    • Front Weights
    • Rear Weights (Not Available on Turf Tires)
    • 2 port Remote Hydraulic Valve (Spring or Detent)
    • Clevis Type Drawbar
    • HST Cruise
    • HST Link Pedal
    • Fuel Heater
    • Block Heater
    • Dual Air Cleaner
    • Telescopic Link Ends
    • Telescopic Stabilizers
    • Side View Mirror
    • Front Grill Guard
    • 3 pin socket
    • Front Working Light
    • Rear Working Light
    • Sun Canopy
    • Power Socket
    • Mid ROPS
    Instrument Panel
    • Digital Hour Meter
    • Coolant Temperature Gauge
    • Tachometer
    • Fuel Gauge
    • Engine Oil Pressure Light
    • High Beam, Emergency Flasher, Turn Signals
    • Glow Plug Light
    • Alternator Light
    Available Tires
    • Agriculture: Front 8-16; Rear 13.6-24
    • Turf: Front 29-12.5-15; Rear 21.5L-16.1
    • Industrial: Front 10-16.5; Rear 14.9-24
    • Front End Loaders : KL5521: Fits all DK10SE Series Cab Models. (DK4210SE HC, DK4710SE HC, DK5310 HC, DK6010SE HC) The KIOTI KL5521 front end loader is specifically designed for the Cab models of the DK10SE Series. The KIOTI loader, with a built-in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor's hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification.
    • Backhoes : KB2485: Fits KIOTI DK10 Series (DK4510/5010/5510), NS Series (NS4710/NS4710 HST/NS5310 HST/NS6010/NS6010 HST), NX4510, NX5010, NX5510, NX6010, RX6620 tractors. Specifications may vary depending on tractor model and are subject to change without notification. Tractors must be equipped with ROPS and seat belt that will provide greater safety.


    Engine Type 3H-TH4C
    Horsepower 50.3 hp (37.5 kW)
    PTO HP 39.3 hp (29.3 kW)
    Rated RPM 2,600 rpm


    Wheelbase 71.3 in. (1,810 mm)
    Height 93 in. (2,363 mm)
    Width 62.8 in. (1,596 mm)
    Weight 4,043.3 lb. (1,834 kg)
    Ground Clearance 14.5 in. (368 mm)


    Fuel System Diesel
    Fuel Capacity 12.7 gal. (48 L)
    Transmission Hydrostatic
    Brakes Wet Disc Type
    Hydraulics 16.49 gpm (62.4 L/min)

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